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The Happy Campus

Happiness is essential to positive mental health—and crucial to student safety and wellbeing on campus. As such, achieving happiness should be integral to the master planning process to improve the campus experience for students, faculty, and visitors.

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Reaching Higher: Planning Campuses for the Sharing Economy

Loop U consortium shares resources with peer colleges in Chicago.


The sharing economy is gaining momentum as innovative start-ups allow individuals to be both service provider and consumer at the touch of a smartphone app.

Have a car but need some cash? Uber lets you work as taxi driver for a day. Need a ride but can't afford a taxi? Uber connects you with a driver--a twist on the age-old carpool. From renting a private townhouse for a weekend getaway to sharing office spaces and equipment with other freelancers, the sharing economy allows individuals and businesses to lower overhead, control expenses, and increase revenue.

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Designing a Safe Campus

Campus safety is a perennial concern for colleges and universities, yet addressing campus safety is unique to each institution. Creating a safe college experience is often a multifaceted process that begins with campus planning. The following are three planning strategies to increase students' sense of security:

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