Dave Paeper, AIA, CID, and Melissa Jancourt, CID, LEED AP

Dave Paeper and Melissa Jancourt lead HGA's Workplace Strategies practice group.

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Strategizing the Workplace of Tomorrow

Great workplaces are driven by a shared vision—the blend of an organization’s culture and a strategy for how people can do their best work. This shared vision inspires people to thrive, and as a result their organizations thrive. Placing the wellbeing of people at the core can create a happier and more productive workforce, increasing the chances for people to succeed within the organization’s culture and “live out” the vision.

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Holistically Rethinking the Workplace

Destination workplace. Activity-based workplace. Agile workplace. Mobile workplace. Well-certified workplace. Cognitive-era workplace.

What’s behind the buzz? Most of these workplace labels suggest some generalization about the workplace environment. The risk in generalizations is they can promote a one-size-fits-all mentality. The reality today is that people in most organizations vary widely in terms of socio-economic status, age, gender, sexual preference, religion, geography, language, and culture. Designing workplaces that meet the needs of a diverse workforce requires a holistic approach.

HGA Workplace Strategists Dave Paeper and Melissa Jancourt get beyond the buzz and offer some insight into the dynamics impacting today’s workplace.

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