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12 Big Ideas about Building Simulation in the Planning Process

Molly Eagen, AIA

As we continue to strive to meet high-performance building goals such as those outlined in the AIA 2030 Commitment and other standards, incorporating environmental simulation and energy analysis into the design process becomes increasingly relevant. However, with a multitude of tools available, fast moving project timelines, and confusion about who is best poised to perform building analysis, integrating this work into design process can seem overwhelming.

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Topics: Sustainability & Resiliency, Technology

Environmental Simulation in the Design Process

Molly Eagen, AIA

In today's era of changing climate, it is becoming increasingly important to make informed decisions related to building performance in order to achieve goals. Reducing energy consumption is tied to many interrelated factors, including mechanical systems, façade, shell, orientation--and climate.

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Topics: Sustainability & Resiliency



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