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Change Management and Workplace Design

Q&A with The Registry

What are employees’ greatest fears about change management? 

The biggest fear here is the word “change.” Let’s face it, no one likes change. I wish we had another word for this because “change” gets a bit overused these days and everyone has their own definition of what it should mean. In terms of how this impacts workplace design and management; it comes down to communication, and a lot of it.

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Shaping Work: Planning Workplaces for Generation Z

Criteo's new multigenerational New York advertising office.


The design of work environments has undergone major changes in the past decade as Baby Boomers have begun to retire and Gen X'ers and Gen Y'ers (Millennials) have begun to dominate the workforce. Boomers desire for hierarchy and private offices has given way to open offices and more collaborative workstyles.

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The Architect Broker Relationship

Architects often partner with brokers to brainstorm space-planning techniques and create sample renderings for the broker to provide to clients. This aids the broker by improving leasing, the tenant by providing a better visual of the office space, and the architect by garnering new business. In this Q&A with GlobeSt, HGA Principal Win Roney discusses the relationship between brokers and architects when leasing office space.

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