Make a Steel Building Sail: BIM and VDC Bring Church of the Resurrection to Life

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When people think of churches, what often comes to mind is a square white building with a triangular roof and a steeple on top. When the congregation of The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection envisioned its new place of worship, they imagined something much different.

With a growing community of more than 20,000 parishioners in the Kansas City area, the church was bursting out of its existing facilities. The congregation needed a new community space to physically accommodate its members as well as provide space for their ministry’s future growth. At the same time, they also needed a gathering place that continued to convey the sacredness and devotion of the congregation in an intimate setting. To make this vision a reality, the design team was faced with the seemingly impossible task of designing a church that could seat more than 3,500 people and simultaneously convey a sense of intimate sanctuary. With the latest design and modeling tools in hand, the skilled project team accepted the challenge and delivered an awe-inspiring structure for current and future generations of worshippers.

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