Up Close: Amin Mojtahedi

Amin Mojtahedi, PhD, Associate AIA, is a Research Specialist at HGA and PhD in Architecture. His research focuses on the architecture of social learning and people-space analytics. Here, he talks about how research can create supportive spaces that boost individual and organizational growth.

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Topics: Education, Research

Universal Platforms - A New Approach to Facilities Design

The many challenges facing healthcare institutions are intensified when hospitals are located in rural areas. Ever-tightening budgets, aging facilities, shifting demographics, and the rapid evolution of technologies are among the concerns hospital administrators are working to address. For Critical Access Hospitals (CAH), these concerns are compounded by additional uncertainties; rumors of potential revisions to the CAH program abound, which could mean changes in reimbursement, staffing, and service delivery. All of these issues could have significant impact on the future of rural healthcare delivery, creating an environment of uncertainty for system administrators and the communities they serve.

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Topics: Healthcare

Designing a Building's Structural Resiliency in a Changing World

Structural is the longest lasting component of a building, designed to meet codes that address geological and environmental risks. Yet as we see with growing research, climate is changing and many codes may not be keeping up with evolving environmental risks.

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Topics: Sustainability & Resiliency, Engineering, Research

Creating Campus Value Through Developer-Led Student Housing

Across the country, our current healthy economy is creating opportunities for colleges and universities to take a new direction in developing student housing—turning to developers to finance, design and construct much-needed housing instead of financing it themselves. The reasons are numerous—from decreasing state financial support, to the lack of developable property on dense urban campuses, to limited in-house resources in market-driven development, to managing risk of future enrollment changes.

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Topics: Education, Arts & Culture

Designing Healthcare's New Front Door

Once concentrated in a central hub, healthcare services are moving outward — into retail spaces, clinics, wellness centers, homes, schools and corporate spaces.

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Topics: Healthcare

Demystifying the Library Building Process

Libraries are often the heart of a community, offering vital resources through technology, information, and social gathering spaces. As libraries continue to grow in importance, more communities are expanding existing libraries or building new. Yet the planning process can be daunting, especially for those new to the brick-and-mortar building process.

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Topics: Arts & Culture, Community

Buzzworthy Technologies 2017


This edition of Buzzworthy Technologies further explores the confluence of technology and society. 

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Topics: Technology

New Questions, Different Thinking, Positive Impact: Start at Zero?

Think about this for a moment. When the kindergarten students of 2017 are college freshmen in 2030, what will the world be like? Will they have a bright, clean energy well and a health-focused world? Will we have done anything substantially different so that they have a better future?

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Topics: Sustainability & Resiliency

Enhancing Healthcare Planning Through Virtual Reality

Healthcare facility planning traditionally follows a linear process, from concept phase to schematic design to design development to construction. Multiple in-person meetings between planning and design teams, clients and user groups help to identify goals and challenges, which the team then develops into concept options using sketches, diagrams and eventually Revit.

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Topics: Healthcare, Technology

New Approaches to Planning Holistic Cancer Centers

Cancer diagnosis is often a life-changing moment for any patient. Procedures and treatments with multiple specialists can be intimidating and confusing—for both the patient and family members. As clinical procedures continue to improve, many healthcare organizations are increasingly emphasizing an overlooked but equally important aspect of cancer care—the patients’ emotional wellbeing.

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Topics: Healthcare


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