Demystifying the Library Building Process

Libraries are often the heart of a community, offering vital resources through technology, information, and social gathering spaces. As libraries continue to grow in importance, more communities are expanding existing libraries or building new. Yet the planning process can be daunting, especially for those new to the brick-and-mortar building process.

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Topics: Arts & Culture, Community

Buzzworthy Technologies 2017


This edition of Buzzworthy Technologies further explores the confluence of technology and society. 

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Topics: Technology

3 Ways to Achieve a Happier Campus

Campus safety and security today is a multi-faceted concern. Behind obvious crime are silent precursors to a range of unsafe behaviors. There is not much happiness; yet happiness is a central criterion of positive mental health, crucial to student safety on campus.

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Topics: Education

New Questions, Different Thinking, Positive Impact: Start at Zero?

Think about this for a moment. When the kindergarten students of 2017 are college freshmen in 2030, what will the world be like? Will they have a bright, clean energy well and a health-focused world? Will we have done anything substantially different so that they have a better future?

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Topics: Sustainability & Resiliency

Enhancing Healthcare Planning Through Virtual Reality

Healthcare facility planning traditionally follows a linear process, from concept phase to schematic design to design development to construction. Multiple in-person meetings between planning and design teams, clients and user groups help to identify goals and challenges, which the team then develops into concept options using sketches, diagrams and eventually Revit.

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Topics: Healthcare, Technology

New Approaches to Planning Holistic Cancer Centers

Cancer diagnosis is often a life-changing moment for any patient. Procedures and treatments with multiple specialists can be intimidating and confusing—for both the patient and family members. As clinical procedures continue to improve, many healthcare organizations are increasingly emphasizing an overlooked but equally important aspect of cancer care—the patients’ emotional wellbeing.

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Topics: Healthcare

Up Close: Melissa Pesci

Melissa Pesci, AIA, LEED AP, is an Architect and Principal specializing in workplace planning and design in HGA’s Corporate Interiors Group. Here, she talks about changes driving the workplace—and opportunities to engage people on different levels.

What inspires you about workplace design?

Workplace design is really about people and understanding what makes people happy and productive. People spend most of their day in the workplace, so it is important that the design creates a positive experience for team members. In many ways, workplaces are our second home, and we often spend more time with our co-workers than with our own family during the day. The most successful businesses recognize that design supports business goals by improving efficiency, staff wellbeing, and innovation. They also recognize that the workplace is always evolving and changing as the business model and marketplace change. Companies need to adapt to changes to grow and continue to be successful.

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Topics: Corporate

Strategizing the Workplace of Tomorrow

Great workplaces are driven by a shared vision—the blend of an organization’s culture and a strategy for how people can do their best work. This shared vision inspires people to thrive, and as a result their organizations thrive. Placing the wellbeing of people at the core can create a happier and more productive workforce, increasing the chances for people to succeed within the organization’s culture and “live out” the vision.

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Topics: Corporate

The Challenges of Meeting LEED and WELL Light Standards

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Topics: Corporate, Sustainability & Resiliency

Complying with engineering code requirements

Krista Biason and Jeff Harris discuss new code requirements and often-overlooked and misunderstood requirements that are consistently implemented incorrectly in health care facilities in the Summer 2017 edition of Inside ASHE.

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Topics: Healthcare, Engineering


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