Strategic Steps to Sustainability in Healthcare


Sustainability and resiliency are common buzzwords today. But for healthcare facilities to make progress in these areas, it's important to take a practical, feasible approach that aligns with budget considerations. Thinking strategically about incorporating sustainability can help hospitals save resources and become more efficient.

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Modernized High Performance

Modular heat pumps are among the Whipple Building's energy-efficient systems.

Energy efficiency was an overarching goal for the modernization of the Bishop Henry Whipple Federal Building. Every engineering system, control strategy and design deci­sion was made to reduce the building's energy consump­tion and environmental impact.

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Healthcare Design Magazine: Taking the Right Step

The design of a new medical/surgical unit can cause mixed emotions among users of the space: excitement from knowing that an improved work environment typically equates to improved workflow but also anxiety regarding changes to staff processes and delivery of care. A classic example of this can be found in transitioning from a centralized to a decentralized model.

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Workplace Design Can Change a Corporate Culture

Lillian Chung, Senior Interior Designer at HGA, discusses the process for successfully transforming a traditional workplace into a progressive environment in this Q&A with

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Tracking Climate in Resilient Planning

By Peter Dahl and Ariane Laxo, LEED AP ID+C

Resilient facility planning involves forecasting, assessing and planning for potential risks that can disrupt building operations and/or threaten health and safety of occupants. Successful planning identifies and evaluates the most likely risks and proposes solutions before disruption occurs.

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The Social Transformative Power of Technology

HGA takes an optimistic but measured approach toward the Internet of Things. Internet of Things adoption has been slower than expected*, and it's most often used to solve superficial problems, generally centered around convenience or marketing. Sometimes IoT is a solution in search of a problem. My hope for technology is that it will evolve to help create a positive social impact with benefits that are accessible to everyone. This is possible through improved access to meaningful data and data analysis, which can enrich not only the lives of individuals but the fabric of society as a whole.

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Up Close: Mia Blanchett

Mia Blanchett is a Principal and recently named national Public Market Sector Leader at HGA, where she helps shape workplace culture for state and federal agencies. Her expertise includes master planning, programming, and design. Here, Blanchett talks about how she collaborates with clients to create innovative workplaces.

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Shaping Work: Planning Workplaces for Generation Z

Criteo's new multigenerational New York advertising office.


The design of work environments has undergone major changes in the past decade as Baby Boomers have begun to retire and Gen X'ers and Gen Y'ers (Millennials) have begun to dominate the workforce. Boomers desire for hierarchy and private offices has given way to open offices and more collaborative workstyles.

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Reaching Higher: Planning Campuses for the Sharing Economy

Loop U consortium shares resources with peer colleges in Chicago.


The sharing economy is gaining momentum as innovative start-ups allow individuals to be both service provider and consumer at the touch of a smartphone app.

Have a car but need some cash? Uber lets you work as taxi driver for a day. Need a ride but can't afford a taxi? Uber connects you with a driver--a twist on the age-old carpool. From renting a private townhouse for a weekend getaway to sharing office spaces and equipment with other freelancers, the sharing economy allows individuals and businesses to lower overhead, control expenses, and increase revenue.

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Up Close: Kaveh Amirdelfan, AIA, DBIA

Kaveh Amirdelfan is a principal specializing in higher education architecture with HGA. His work includes campus master planning to student life, instructional/classroom and science buildings. Always current on changes impacting higher education, he is a resource to campus leadership who must balance budgets, student needs and stakeholder voices when planning new facilities. Here, he talks about why higher education work inspires him and why, quite frankly, he loves meeting with clients.

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