Planning Resilient Museums

Planning for resiliency involves forecasting and assessing potential risks. Understanding the impact of those potential risks depends on your specific facility type.

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Topics: Sustainability & Resiliency, Arts & Culture, Community

HGA Community Action 2016 Annual Report

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HGA Community Action began in 2015 as a grassroots effort to enhance the social impact of our work across the country. By donating the firm’s time, talents, and resources in close collaboration with local organizations, HGA is creating positive change in our communities while providing opportunities to learn and grow as a team.

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Topics: Community

Make a Steel Building Sail: BIM and VDC Bring Church of the Resurrection to Life

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When people think of churches, what often comes to mind is a square white building with a triangular roof and a steeple on top. When the congregation of The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection envisioned its new place of worship, they imagined something much different.

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Topics: Arts & Culture, Technology, Community, Engineering

Up Close: Marc L’Italien, FAIA

HGA Design Principal Marc L’Italien, FAIA, is a nationally recognized architect with 30 years’ experience providing strategic planning and design expertise for leading arts, community and higher education clients. Here, he talks about how great design enhances the college campus experience.

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Topics: Education, Arts & Culture, Community

Demystifying the Library Building Process

Libraries are often the heart of a community, offering vital resources through technology, information, and social gathering spaces. As libraries continue to grow in importance, more communities are expanding existing libraries or building new. Yet the planning process can be daunting, especially for those new to the brick-and-mortar building process.

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