The Gen Z World: Shifts in Urban Design, Architecture and the Workplace

Celine Larkin, Melissa Jancourt and William Hodges Hendrix recently presented The Gen Z World: Shifts in Urban Design, Architecture and Corporate Workplace at CoreNet Global North American Summit. Here, they highlight takeaways from their program.

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Up Close: Melissa Pesci

Melissa Pesci, AIA, LEED AP, is an Architect and Principal specializing in workplace planning and design in HGA’s Corporate Interiors Group. Here, she talks about changes driving the workplace—and opportunities to engage people on different levels.

What inspires you about workplace design?

Workplace design is really about people and understanding what makes people happy and productive. People spend most of their day in the workplace, so it is important that the design creates a positive experience for team members. In many ways, workplaces are our second home, and we often spend more time with our co-workers than with our own family during the day. The most successful businesses recognize that design supports business goals by improving efficiency, staff wellbeing, and innovation. They also recognize that the workplace is always evolving and changing as the business model and marketplace change. Companies need to adapt to changes to grow and continue to be successful.

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Strategizing the Workplace of Tomorrow

Great workplaces are driven by a shared vision—the blend of an organization’s culture and a strategy for how people can do their best work. This shared vision inspires people to thrive, and as a result their organizations thrive. Placing the wellbeing of people at the core can create a happier and more productive workforce, increasing the chances for people to succeed within the organization’s culture and “live out” the vision.

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The Challenges of Meeting LEED and WELL Light Standards

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Trends In Workplace Design

After decades of research and post-occupancy evaluations, the impacts that workplace design can have on employee productivity, satisfaction, recruitment, and retention are well-documented, understood, and accepted. Those findings have inspired numerous innovations in workplace design, from more daylighting and shared or collaborative spaces to technology-enabled and -enhanced work areas.

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HGA Presents at Several Conferences in May

HGA News

We are pleased to have several HGA thought leaders on the road presenting at these national and regional conferences through the month of May 2017:

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Holistically Rethinking the Workplace

Destination workplace. Activity-based workplace. Agile workplace. Mobile workplace. Well-certified workplace. Cognitive-era workplace.

What’s behind the buzz? Most of these workplace labels suggest some generalization about the workplace environment. The risk in generalizations is they can promote a one-size-fits-all mentality. The reality today is that people in most organizations vary widely in terms of socio-economic status, age, gender, sexual preference, religion, geography, language, and culture. Designing workplaces that meet the needs of a diverse workforce requires a holistic approach.

HGA Workplace Strategists Dave Paeper and Melissa Jancourt get beyond the buzz and offer some insight into the dynamics impacting today’s workplace.

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Up Close: William Hodges Hendrix

William Hendrix, AIA, LEED AP, is an Architect, Urbanist and Principal in HGA’s Corporate Studio in Washington, DC. His 32-year career has focused on mixed-use, urban-centric projects nationally and internationally. He currently is working on a Performing Arts Center that is part of a mixed-use Master Plan outside DC. Here, he talks about changes impacting the workplace.

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Change Management and Workplace Design

Q&A with The Registry

What are employees’ greatest fears about change management? 

The biggest fear here is the word “change.” Let’s face it, no one likes change. I wish we had another word for this because “change” gets a bit overused these days and everyone has their own definition of what it should mean. In terms of how this impacts workplace design and management; it comes down to communication, and a lot of it.

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Modernized High Performance

Modular heat pumps are among the Whipple Building's energy-efficient systems.

Energy efficiency was an overarching goal for the modernization of the Bishop Henry Whipple Federal Building. Every engineering system, control strategy and design deci­sion was made to reduce the building's energy consump­tion and environmental impact.

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