Workplace Design Can Change a Corporate Culture

Lillian Chung, Senior Interior Designer at HGA, discusses the process for successfully transforming a traditional workplace into a progressive environment in this Q&A with

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Up Close: Mia Blanchett

Mia Blanchett is a Principal and recently named national Public Market Sector Leader at HGA, where she helps shape workplace culture for state and federal agencies. Her expertise includes master planning, programming, and design. Here, Blanchett talks about how she collaborates with clients to create innovative workplaces.

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Shaping Work: Planning Workplaces for Generation Z

Criteo's new multigenerational New York advertising office.


The design of work environments has undergone major changes in the past decade as Baby Boomers have begun to retire and Gen X'ers and Gen Y'ers (Millennials) have begun to dominate the workforce. Boomers desire for hierarchy and private offices has given way to open offices and more collaborative workstyles.

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The Architect Broker Relationship

Architects often partner with brokers to brainstorm space-planning techniques and create sample renderings for the broker to provide to clients. This aids the broker by improving leasing, the tenant by providing a better visual of the office space, and the architect by garnering new business. In this Q&A with GlobeSt, HGA Principal Win Roney discusses the relationship between brokers and architects when leasing office space.

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What Matters Most in the Workplace

HGA Research

Flexible workspaces and collaboration inspire today's office design.

HGA's Workplace Research Study "What Matters Most in the Workplace" identifies what drives corporate real estate decisions, what design features are most important to workers, and what's in store for the future of workplace strategies.

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Schreiber Foods: Merging Corporate Goals and Urban Reinvestment

A global dairy company consolidates its operations and R&D functions onto a single campus that is building synergy in downtown Green Bay.

Schreiber's Home Office and Global Technology Center in downtown Green Bay, Wisconsin, is a lesson in business strategy and community building. The global dairy company set ambitious goals to transform its business model and civic profile when planning a new 250,000-square-foot headquarters. With approximately 700 employees (or partners, as Schreiber refers to them, since the company is employee owned) locally and 7,000 globally, Schreiber is one of the world’s largest dairy companies. It serves a diverse customer base, from restaurants and institutions to grocery stores and food manufacturers.

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Designing for the Future: The Bishop Henry Whipple Federal Building


HGA's work on the Bishop Henry Whipple Federal Building exemplifies our ongoing partnership with the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) over the years. The architecturally distinctive, midcentury-modern office building has been carefully restored while addressing new technology, sustainable initiatives, and modern workplace needs--positioning B.H. Whipple to serve the public well into the future.

Renovation highlights include:

  • New landscaping and plantings on a 25-acre site.
  • Restored travertine walls, terrazzo floors and elevator banks along a reconfigured Main Street corridor.
  • Interpretive exhibits of regional geology and history.
  • Flexible workspaces that meet programming needs for 13 federal agencies.
  • Sustainable innovations, including a geothermal heating-and-cooling system and high-performance exterior.

For more information, visit the B.H. Whipple Microsite.

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Designer Spotlight: Karen Lu, AIA

Karen Lu, AIA

Karen Lu, AIA, recently won the 2016 National AIA Young Architects Award for her contributions to the architecture industry. As a project designer at HGA, Lu focuses on public and corporate architecture, including several projects for the General Services Administration (GSA). Lu promotes a collaborative work style to develop innovative design solutions. Below, Lu discusses her professional inspirations.

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