Generator Shutdown Means

Krista Biason's most recent article for EC&M Magazine focuses on the changes in the 2017 NEC regarding the shutdown requirements for the prime mover and how this requirement relates to other NFPA codes.

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HGA Presents at Several Conferences in May

HGA News

We are pleased to have several HGA thought leaders on the road presenting at these national and regional conferences through the month of May 2017:

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Energy Watch: financially Planning Energy Infrastructure Now and in the Future

Brendon Dorn

HGA Building Performance Analyst Brendon Dorn highlights The Energy Efficiency Gap at the Wisconsin Energy Efficiency Expo on May 17. Below, he details steps to invest in future energy performance.

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Energy Watch: Tracking Energy Usage

Brendon Dorn

HGA Building Performance Analyst Brendon Dorn highlighted how facility Owners can save money through energy tracking at his program, "The Energy-Efficiency Gap," in May at the 2016 Wisconsin Energy Efficiency Expo. Below he details three basic steps to track energy.

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Schreiber Foods: Merging Corporate Goals and Urban Reinvestment

A global dairy company consolidates its operations and R&D functions onto a single campus that is building synergy in downtown Green Bay.

Schreiber's Home Office and Global Technology Center in downtown Green Bay, Wisconsin, is a lesson in business strategy and community building. The global dairy company set ambitious goals to transform its business model and civic profile when planning a new 250,000-square-foot headquarters. With approximately 700 employees (or partners, as Schreiber refers to them, since the company is employee owned) locally and 7,000 globally, Schreiber is one of the world’s largest dairy companies. It serves a diverse customer base, from restaurants and institutions to grocery stores and food manufacturers.

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